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Drools Developer’s Cookbook

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<p>Create a robust business rules implementation by using the JBoss Drools rules engine</p>
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Over 40 recipes for creating a robust business rules implementation by using JBoss Drools rules with this book and ebook
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Drools Developer’s Cookbook
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June 2011
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June 2011
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January 2012
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June 2011
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JBoss Drools is an open source business rules engine that provides agility and flexibility to your business logic. Drools 5 has evolved to provide a unified and integrated platform for business rules, business processes, event processing and automated planning. With this book in hand you will be able to use any of these modules and their specific features quickly and with ease.

Drools Developer Cookbook will help you to apply the latest community features to your projects. You will learn about all the Drools modules - Guvnor, Fusion, Expert, and Planner - along with jBPM5 and integration capabilities. The straightforward recipes will help you to implement even more rules in your projects and take you to a new level with the Drools platform.

This book teaches you how to create a more robust business rules implementation, starting with tips on how to write business rules manually, or by using the newest Guvnor rule editors. You will learn how your rules can be integrated with another framework to create a full solution and discover how to use complex features such as event processing. The recipes cover all of the Drools modules and will help you to solve problems with planning, remote execution, and much more.

  • Master the newest Drools Expert, Fusion, Guvnor, Planner and jBPM5 features
  • Integrate Drools by using popular Java Frameworks
  • Part of Packt’s Cookbook series: each recipe is independent and contains practical, step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goal.
  • Use Drools Guvnor for rules authoring and configuration
  • Configure different ways to store your knowledge using Marshallers, and JPA with Spring
  • Understand how to add complex event processing capabilities to a project
  • Take full advantage of the remote rules execution using the Drools Server.
  • Integrate Drools with the Apache Camel Project using the Spring Framework
  • Monitor Drools knowledge bases and sessions using JMX.
  • Implement automated planning using Drools Planner
  • Migrate and learn new features included in jBPM5.

Part of Packt’s cookbook series, this book is packed with easy to follow recipes containing step-by-step instructions. The book is designed in such a way that you can read it chapter by chapter, or refer to the tasks in no particular order.


This book is for Drools developers who want to improve their current working methods and discover new features to apply to their projects. Readers are expected to be familiar with the basics of the Drools platform as well as Java.

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Lucas Amador

Lucas Amador is a Software Developer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His Open Source interest started since young. However, he finally got fully involved in 2008 while working with a JBoss partner and providing consultancy and developing software using the JBoss middleware platform for telco, financial and other such companies. At this time he obtained the Sun Java Developer and JBoss Advanced Developer certifications.

He started getting involved in the JBoss Drools community through the Google Summer of Code 2009 program by implementing a refactoring module for the Eclipse Drools Plugin, and since then he is a jBPM5/Drools committer where spend his time implementing new features and fixing bugs. Lucas works as a freelance developer and is always looking something interesting to work in.

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